Thursday, August 7, 2008

Elephant Polo The Elephant Festival at Jaipur begins with a beautiful procession of the majestic animals lovingly painted and tastefully attired with glittering ornaments and embroidered velvets typically celebrated one day before the Holi, Indian festival of colours. It is quite a treat to see female elephants wearing anklets, which tinkle as they walk. One can see people sprinkling 'gulaal' (colored powder) perched on top of the elephant. Guest arrive at the polo grounds and are accorded a Special gala welcome wherein Guest are escorted with a Grand Royal procession comprising of ceremonially attired horses with riders in traditional ceremonial Cavalry costumes, Royal Carriages, Camels, Ceremonially attired elephants, traditional musicians etc.

Dressed in saffron and red turbans, the teams try to score goals with long sticks and a plastic football. Finally, the tourists are invited to mount the elephants and play Holi. Participants dance with great vigour and the excitement rising to a crescendo. A program of Dhaph and Gair dance to demonstrate the spirit of Holi and a dazzling display of fireworks complete the day leaving unforgettable memories.

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